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UPDATE 2/10/2019

I’m giving WordPress a go again. I just imported from Blogger.

Hello. As the titles suggests, I’m trying to get back in the blogging game. I have taken the free hosting route on Blogger because life is getting expensive. But who knows? Maybe I’ll get a custom URL again through Blogger. My previous URL,, is available after all. Plus, I already have business cards with that address already.

I have blogged before. A few years ago when I had a personal website on Squarespace, I had a blog section. The site originally was supposed to be a photography portfolio, but it changed over time after getting more traffic from blog posts than my photo gallery. After attending a comic book convention, I’d upload some photos and wrote about my weekend at said convention. Before Squarespace, I had a WordPress. It was the same thing. I called it DOnCons which stood for Davann On Cons.

Here I am again. Under Blogger. I actually created an account on here a long time ago. I never posted anything. Now it’s time to figure out a theme/design/layout.

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