Aladdin’s OC Debut

Last night I went to go watch Aladdin at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. This was show number four in Segerstrom’s 2018-2019 Broadway Season and my second time watching it. I saw it last year while it was at the Pantages.

There was a change in the main cast compared to the Los Angeles stop. Clinton Greenspan, who was in the ensemble last year, is now Aladdin. Lissa deGuzman, formerly a swing, is Jasmine. In LA, we got the original Broadway Aladdin and Jasmine, Adam Jacobs and Courtney Reed. Greenspan and deGuzman’s performance were just as amazing. I loved it and enjoyed just as much as the first.

Speaking of firsts, this was the first time I saw a show that experienced technical difficulties. A backdrop being raised got stuck about 1/8th of the way up. An announcement was made over the speaker that the show was experiencing technical difficulties and the audience cheered. I saw a few phones getting pulled out. There’s probably pictures of it on Instagram.

Go see the show while you still can. It runs through March 23. Buy your tickets at

CTGLA 2019-2020

Center Theatre Group (CTGLA) has finally revealed their 2019-2020 Season lineup for the Ahmanson Theatre. If you want to see John Leguizamo, Mike Birbiglia, and Sting in Los Angeles, then this is the season package for you. Harvey Fierstein’s Torch Song is no longer part of the Ahmanson lineup. I don’t know what happened. I’m not an insider with information. However, a new show will be announced at a later date. I’m hoping it’s a Broadway musical.

Being a theatre geek in SoCal for almost two years now, I’ve noticed that the Ahmanson is probably the only big southern California theatre that have plays and one-man shows. Others are just filled with musicals which I prefer. I personally haven’t gotten into plays with pure dialogue just yet. But if there’s a stage production of 12 Angry Men happening somewhere, I’ll check it out. It’s one of my favorite movies.

I’ll definitely go see Once on This Island and The Book of Mormon. I saw the latter last year when it was at Segerstrom and laughed throughout the entire show. Performance dates for both shows do coincide with The SpongeBob Musical at the Dolby Theatre next year. Now I must decide whether to make my weekend an oceany, beachy, and watery themed one or to make it a fun smiley one.

Broadway San Diego

Since “SoCal” is in my tagline, I might as well include this too. I don’t live in San Diego. I have been there a few times. First was an 8th grade field trip where we sailed down there. The last few times in my adult life was for San Diego Comic-Con. I shall return one of these days.

If you live down in SD and don’t want to deal with the 100+ mile drive to Los Angeles or Orange County, then the San Diego Civic Theatre‘s got your back. Missing from the picture is Rent and Blue Man Group. I’m assuming those shows will be add-ons when purchasing or renewing your season package.

If you don’t plan on getting a season package, I recommend you watch Dear Evan Hansen and Come From Away. You can’t go wrong with a Tony Award winner for Best Musical and nominee. Believe me, they will not disappoint.

Ahmanson Theatre 2019-2020?

With all of the excitement coming from the Pantages and Segerstrom recently, I forgot about the Ahmanson Theatre. I feel a little bad about not remembering them. It was at the Ahmanson where I had my first theatre experience in 2017 seeing Jersey Boys. That show at that location was what turned me into a theatre geek.

At the moment, Once on This Island and Torch Song are the only two shows scheduled for their 2019-2020 Season. Performance dates are yet to be announced. I’m interested to see how Once on This Island will be performed in LA. A friend of mine saw it in New York where the stage was in the center surrounded by seats similar to a stadium setup.

In addition to the Ahmanson, I’m also waiting for the small local theatre companies in SoCal to make their 19-20 announcements.

Segerstrom’s 2019-2020 Broadway Season Revealed

Finally. SCFTA has revealed their lineup for the 2019-2020 Broadway Season and it looks to be a good one. They were killing me the past 10 days with their haiku clues. Some were show specific. Some were puns. We even had a geographical one. There are 7 or 8 of the 10 shows that I am interested in seeing. So heck yeah, I’m going to renew Anyway, here it is.

As usual, there are shows here that are or were in Pantages Theatre’s current season. For example, A Bronx Tale, Miss Saigon, and Les Miserables. So if you have the patience and don’t want to deal with LA traffic, SCFTA in Costa Mesa is a great option. They do have more seats than the Pantages, they don’t use Ticketmaster, and you don’t need to be a season subscriber to exchange tickets. Although, I do wish they use Playbill for their programming.

If you head over to their Season Packages page, you’ll find that SCFTA breaks up their shows into two categories, Broadway and Curtain Call. Missing from this is The Lion King. It’ll most likely be a bonus add-on during checkout. All six shows under Broadway are ones I want to see. Unfortunately, I’ll have to purchase Chicago separately.